Zara (werepuppyblack) wrote in sabteenwitch,

Intro thing taken from the profile page

Name: Zara
Age: 19
How long have you been a Sabrina Fan?: Since I first saw the show on CITV, waaay back when I was a little witch-y enthusist. The Worst Witch introduced me, and I couldn't get enough. Still not sure who's the cooler witch; Sabrina or Mildred ...
Favorite Sabrina Character: Hm, well I like Salem, and Jenny. I also like Roxie and Miles (what happened to Miles? He shoulda hung around in the last series ... might have made it bearable)
Favorite shows besides Sabrina: The Worst Witch, Doctor Who, Being Human, Firefly, Charmed, ... basically, if it's fantasy and sci fi, I'm there ^^ 
What you like to do: I read, I write, I draw, I run and maintain a multi-fandom roleplay comm called fandom_smash  that welcomes smaller fandoms as well as the larger ones.

So .. erm ... yeah
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