cactus_u (cactus_u) wrote in sabteenwitch,

Introducing Myself Sabrina-Fan Self

1. Name: Gab

2. Age : 19

3 How long have you been a Sabrina Fan? : Since the early/mid 90s.

4.Favorite Sabrina Character: Argh, it's been so long since I watched I don't really remember! *in the process of rewatching the show* But I remember as a kid loving Sabrina & Salem. Except now that I'm older I probably have a higher threshold for liking "not-main-characters" now.

5.Favorite shows besides Sabrina: Dream High, Coffee Prince, SS scandal, Chuno, Young Justice, Avatar, The Office (both versions, Carnivale, Supernatural, Band of Brothers, Rome, Misfits, Being Human. And a bunch of other shows and animes.

6.What you like to do: Karate, Football (soccer), gyming...making graphics, THE SIMS 3, wasting my time on the computer, watching anime/television/movies, reading manga/books.

I can't wait to re-watch my love. Hopefully I'll still like it, even though I'm older
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